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There is no objectively right or wrong amount of time a person should or should not talk during a meeting. Yet, unequal share of speaking-time often persists in relation to gender, age, and other diversity dimensions. If such bias creeps into teams, it can diminish the diversity of ideas and general potential of a team. 


When it comes to share of speaking-time, the perceptions of the team members can vary greatly from one another. Time2Talk can be used to check in with yourself and each other, to sharpen your self-awareness as a team and on an individual level. 


We all need different things to feel comfortable in a meeting and might not want to participate to the same extent - and that's fine. Nonetheless, we believe that diversity is an asset to any team - if you know each other's strengths and let them unfold. Addressing share of speaking-time is a good way to start.


IN-VISIBLE Diversity Reflection Sheet


There is a growing research body providing evidence that womxn speak less. In Hollywood movies, in research colloquiums as well as in business meetings. They are interrupted more frequently and this limited spotlight results in an enhanced pace of speech,  rushing to make a point before someone else takes up the space. Whereas in men, share of speech within the business world grows with position of power, status does not affect the share of speech of womxn in meetings. This poses a problem not only because this unequal distribution of power is unfair- but because womxn have valuable perspectives to offer that are relevant. And we need to include them.


IN-VISIBLE Time2Talk Consulting Team
IN-VISIBLE Time2Talk Consulting Team
IN-VISIBLE Time2Talk Consulting Team

The faces behind Time2Talk are Miriam, Julian and Rea. Based on their observation that team work is often only reflected upon a meta level that does not touch upon diversity aspects such as gender -nor on power play and social positioning ,  they underwent a Design Sprint with the question of how to challenge teams into assessing their team roles with a focus on gender. Time 2 Talk is the result of this process, offering a simple and easy-to use solution for teams of all kinds.


Time 2 Talk is presented by IN-VISIBLE BERLIN. We are a female-founded agency redesigning diversity and inclusion strategies for the modern work place. We assist in building working environments that leave no room for sexism or other forms of discrimination. We help companies and organisations to create atmospheres in which all employees feel invited to contribute their potential. We give workshops, trainings and advice.

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