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Masterclass Diversity Management

Online Version; in English

  • Beginnt am: 17. Sept.
  • 2.800 Euro
  • Online via Zoom


The Masterclass provides expertise to (prospective) DEI managers and equally serves as a space where you can exchange ideas and learn from each other. The class takes place over the course of six weeks. One of our experienced trainers will spend two hours a week on Zoom with you. In this time, you will cover various topics of diversity management through self-reflection exercises, case studies, peer consultation, and creative methods from Design Thinking. In between the sessions, you should allocate one hour for follow-up exercises and preparation. After the six week course, you will receive a certificate, materials, and access to further exchange and consulting opportunities. Session 1 & 2: Who am I as a Diversity Officer To act inclusively, one must know oneself well. Therefore, on the first two sessions, we will focus on your own starting position, discussing roles, beliefs, and privileges. What do diversity, inclusion, and equality mean to you and your work? Session 3 & 4: The Basics of DEI Who or what is actually diverse, and what challenges does diversity management bring? We will work on the dos and don'ts of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and discuss how to create a workplace suitable for employees from diverse backgrounds. We will talk about inclusive communication and dealing with resistance from within and without. Session 5 & 6: Diversity Management in Practice We will look at the challenges you have encountered in your work and, with the help of peer consultation, work on solutions. Afterwards, we will develop your individual next steps, so that all participants conclude the workshop not only with new knowledge but also with a concrete plan. Afterward: Exchange and Consultation After the workshop is before the workshop. The real challenges arise in practice. Therefore, Diversity Managers from our Academy will continue to be supported. Over a period of one year, there will be opportunities to discuss current challenges in the cohort during our regular drop-in sessions, moderated by us. What can you take away from the Academy? -Solid basic knowledge of diversity, equality, inclusion, and diversity management -A better understanding of your own strengths and challenges -Exchange with colleagues, networking -Long-term support for your work -A written confirmation of participation in the Masterclass

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Almstadtstraße 25, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

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